Firms that offer design/build usually offer the service by "partnering" (That is, two or more separate businesses, each specializing in a different field, forming a contractual partnership to provide design and construction services). Although the customer benefits from the single point responsibility, the full benefit of design/build is usually not realized. The reason is simple. The partnership consists of multiple businesses with separate and distinct philosophies; geographically, the businesses are apart. Philosophical differences and logistics often results in reduced communication. The collaboration breaks down and the project is compromised.

At MSI General, we employ all of the professional service providers under one roof. All sales, design, engineering, estimating and construction management personnel are direct employees of the Company. Teams representing each discipline are formed early in the process. Team members remain with the assignment until the project is complete. Regular team meetings are conducted to ensure complete and thorough communication. This maximizes the potential power of design/build and assures the customer of achieving a successful project.